Candid Tips on Your First Job

When you begin with your first job it will always be one of the most exciting things in your life. To get up in the morning, dress smart and to begin your day with a cup of hot tea and quick breakfast and then run to your workplace on the first day of your first job can give you the feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. The feeling is such that it drains you and at the same time makes you feel ecstatic over the items you might have been dreaming of buying at the end of the month with your fat wallet. And what greater joy could be than to go for something that you have worked hard for. So as the day begins, you realize it is more fun primarily because the feel good factor is still sinking deep inside you. However on a serious note, this very job will also decide a lot for you, career wise and personality wise in times to come. And the most important learning from your first job experience will be to strike a balance between your personal and professional life. So let me put forth a few tips on how to go about at your first work station. Let’s get started!

Observe more, listen more and talk less!

Your first job will always have a lot to teach and offer, of which there may be many which you may not understand right away. One of them is the orientation programme where besides your work profile, every other detail pertaining to your financial benefits, salary structure, promotions, change of work profile, pension benefits, assessment procedures and many more will be explained in detail. Also you will meet people from the concerned departments like HR and Finance. They will guide you through all the procedures to be completed. You must be all ears to every minute detail being mentioned/highlighted or explained. Feel free to ask questions. Read every document thoroughly before you sign them. Make sure to make a note of everything being said in the orientation program in a small pocket diary. At that precise moment, things may not appear relevant though they all are at a time when you need these details the most and you don’t get your hands on them.

Do not get judgmental!

A new workplace is like a potter’s wheel. You are the pot firstnewswallet that will be taking shape here. And your attitude towards people, work and life will be the hands that mould you into a person you should be (not be). So it is important that you understand the people around you well enough before judging them first hand. Of course, you cannot gauge someone’s persona in a day. But it does not pinch to be non judgmental about anyone you meet on your first day. Of course, you will make some good friends despite meeting a huge crowd where you will encounter people who may scare you about the work pressures, some who are nosey sweet yet cunning and some who appear to be least bothered by anything around them. No worries. Hear everything but do not react. Reaction to everything that is being said and done around is not necessary. Save your judgements for future. For now, just keep an arm’s length from everyone on your first day.

Learn, Know your job!

Do you know why kids learn fast? Because, they are like an open slate. You can write on them and they grasp it deep. And that is how one is supposed to be on his first day at his job. Learn and learn as if you know nothing. Ask questions sans any fear of ridicule to which one has to get very thick-skinned with time. And make sure, you know the ‘what’ part of your job. Because once that is clear, the ‘how’ part will get easy. And with that attitude, one will learn not only fast, but also the smart way. After all in any profession, hard work must be supplemented with smart thinking which will help in enhancing your own productivity for good. Follow the ‘Be on time, do work on time, and leave on time’ rule and you are assured a healthy work life.

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